My mission

Dance provides a captivating path into how we are connected to diversity, resilience and wilderness
for our wellbeing and for the Earth´s.


I make dances about our relationship to nature- mother nature as well as our own nature, and how in a world of chaos and calamity, dance can act as guide, a path, helping us find our way back to ourselves.


Combines dance and image to harness the sensitivity of art to spark conversation about the world we live in and know most intimately during the COVID 19 pandemic. The piece was created during quarantine in the space of my home, and awarded Honorable Mention by Engage Art 2020 and Arteco 2021.

Performing Tides

Extract from the cetacean project “The Sacrifice Of Giants”

Live ONLINE classes (currently suspended)

My ongoing, low-cost, online classes attract local, national and international students and are open to those in the field of movement, dance, and other arts disciplines. This contemporary class is designed for all levels and explores the tools and techniques of dance improvisation. The movement is fluid, woven with a focus on resilience, plasticity and optimism. Drop-in & join us !!