Ecological Dance of the XXI Century

As an artist I feel a responsibility to live consciously and to engage in critical & creative reflection about the world we live in and know most intimately.


With warmth, daring, and charm, Hanson offers a gripping account of environmental empathy and healing.
MAKE ME WILD is a merging of self-discovery and science that will change the way we think about climate doom, resilience, and what it means to be in love with the Earth.

Premieres October 27 & 28, 2022
Surge Festival (Madrid)
Info. coming soon!


Recovering a need for beauty while expanding our sense of empathy, responsibility and environmental awareness.

Dance & Cetaceans

Blending art with social change, THE SACRIFICE OF GIANTS illuminates today’s critical global issue: the exploitation of wildlife and wild cetaceans.

Dance & Symphony

"Symphony for a Better World” is an audiovisual creation produced for the event, Reimagining 2030, held at the U.N. in N.Y.C. for members and personalities of global relevance.

Direction audiovisual: Juan Carlos Arévalo
Choreography: Camille Hanson
Original music: Juan Antonio Simarro

Dance & Conservation

Inspired by the conservation movement, “Rewilding Europe,” and supported by The City Council of Madrid, this new work brings optimism to the stage for 60 powerful minutes full of poetic dance and audiovisual creation.

Dance & Climate Change

DUST AND WATER (2014) was selected as the dance theater production for the British “Spain NOW! Festival” nominated as the Best Arts and Culture Festival of London. The work was described as “Bold, devastating and beautiful” by The Guardian, and continues to receive international invitations.

Dance & Activism

Camille has worked with Greenpeace Spain creating performances to raise awareness about the environment and the role & responsibility of consumers.

Dance & Cinema

This feature film, directed by award winning Spanish director, Chema de la Peña, and choreographed by Camille Hanson, joins contemporary dance and cinema together to tell a love story tainted by mental illness.

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